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Ghost Trick Panic Dance (Not mine) by 212b

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Alexander the Great by starcrosseddevil Alexander the Great :iconstarcrosseddevil:starcrosseddevil 1 1 Art Trade: Imooca Phyrica by kurangmantep Art Trade: Imooca Phyrica :iconkurangmantep:kurangmantep 14 5
Mega-upload shut down and its owners arrested!!!!!
"Four of MegaUpload's operators have been arrested in New Zealand, while three more remain at large. The seven each face a maximum of 55 years in prison."
This is from an article I read about Mega Upload being shut down! Even worse it's owners are sentenced to an insane 55 years.
And SOPA hasn't even been APPROVED yet!!
Here is the link if anyone is interested in reading the full story
If you don't trust my link you may google it, it's the first thing that comes up!
Thanks for your time! :D
:iconchaco-late:Chaco-late 1 12
Ichigos??? by VamGoddessPrincess Ichigos??? :iconvamgoddessprincess:VamGoddessPrincess 8 0 Retarded Oblivion Guard by Linklover54 Retarded Oblivion Guard :iconlinklover54:Linklover54 0 7 Ghirahim by Linklover54 Ghirahim :iconlinklover54:Linklover54 2 0 Skyward sword pic-unfinished by Linklover54 Skyward sword pic-unfinished :iconlinklover54:Linklover54 2 4 Dragon Riders of Pern pic-unfinished by Linklover54 Dragon Riders of Pern pic-unfinished :iconlinklover54:Linklover54 1 0 Space Lightning by TheMarchello Space Lightning :iconthemarchello:TheMarchello 64 8 Camille Jones by SnickerDoodlez6 Camille Jones :iconsnickerdoodlez6:SnickerDoodlez6 3 1
The Invasion of Pain p14
Fukasaku: you ready to go naruto?
Naruto: I sure am! old toad geezer!
Fukasaku: what about you two rito dmb?
Rito: Yup!
DMB: actually I'm going to stay here!
Rito: what!? but DMB!?
DMB: I'm sorry rito, but I have to watch over this village while the two of you are gone besides today's the day I'm initiated into becoming a member of the leaf and I have obligations at this time, good luck to you both!
Rito: okay DMB.
Lala: good luck Rito! Naruto!
Zailopsos: I'll watch over dmb for you rito!
Nana: Kick some toad butt!
Momo: He's not going to beat up toads nana ,only train with them.
Nana: whatever!
Sakura: good luck you two!
Naruto: Thanks! let's go!
Fukasaku: Alright! let's begin! *fukasaku uses a reverse summoning jutsu to teleport rito and naruto to mount myoboku*
Rito: wow! so this is Mount Myoboku! *rito sees the various giant plants and unique colored water*
Naruto: alright old toad geezer, let's get training!
Fukasaku: before I do that, Rito I need you to see the great toad sage.
:iconspiralmaestro:spiralmaestro 3 56
animal adopts! CLOSED by LoliCross animal adopts! CLOSED :iconlolicross:LoliCross 15 29 Air Gear - iFly -Ikki by shayeGC13 Air Gear - iFly -Ikki :iconshayegc13:shayeGC13 21 21 Death the kid's face by VamGoddessPrincess Death the kid's face :iconvamgoddessprincess:VamGoddessPrincess 18 30


Reference Sheet
 Front, back, and side view... colour wheel, accessories close ups, different expressions will be included if you want = v =
It'll be in this bubbly floaty style = w =
Full Body
Colourful crayon lineart and one layer colour... it can be bg less if you want
Outline Line Art
Chibi, bust, headshot or full body 
Transparent and or simple bg UvU
Silhouette Line Art
Chibi, headshot, bust or full body~
Complex icon
 Icons with multiple poses and or hair movement.. comes with simple or complex bg, moving objects or names if desired
Chose from existing poses (check icon section in gallery) or ask for a custom one
Simple icon
Blinking, bouncing and other small movements with simple bgs, objects, and names if desired
Chose from existing simple poses... like laying down, bust, headshot or the multiple different standing and sitting poses
(check the icon section in my gallery xD)
Paper Child
Tell if there is a specific pose or bg that you'd like... else, I'll just do whatever I feel like xD
Check out the Paper Children section of my gallery for inspiration UvU


Thumbnail meme
Stole this from :iconastral-chan: look at their cooler version here
I don't have a twitter tho, so i used thumbnails of icons from my nico nico douga feed UvU;

For anyone else who wants to try, basically you look at the thumbnails, without looking at the enlarged version, draw what you think you see.. and then look at the what it actually is
My mom wanted to draw digitally.. so, I had to download a bunch of stuff and Fire Alpaca and draw on there using a mouse on a mac computer--
I don't use a mac and I don't use a mouse to draw anymore and I've never used Fire Alpaca before;;;

so, I drew a quick birb Day1 - Chick my mom still owes me a picture of a Bok bok :BOC: ANIMATED! 
everything tastes like bleach Disgusted Asuka Emoticon
thanks grandma  
Worldbent promo poster 04
The colours are kinda bland in this one (´・ω・`) ..i kinda tried to edit t to make it more vivid

the new comic and album is still a wip

Here's a link to the bandcamp:…




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saof Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks again for the commission, sorry I haven't been more active
Kechuppika Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
It's okay Takeru Patting Erika Icon I hope you're doing well~
Charanko Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wanted to thank you again for all the icon avatars you have given me ;u; I really appreciate it. *looks around* ;o; I see mostly see female pixel moving icon avatars as people's avatars -- but you're willing to do guy ones---that too I thank you for so much *curls up on floor and cries a river of tears*
Kechuppika Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
lol, no problem Hakuya Patting Kobeni Icon 
girls are harder-- fancy clothes and long hair xD
ethereal-dancer Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the favs my friend!
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